Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The 5 - frames QE II Philatelic Exhibit of Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala of the Philippines


Cogitare Est Vivere

Purpose & Criteria
The prestigious THINKER AWARD will be presented to a webmaster who manifested righteousness and ingenuity in creating and managing an informative website.

The THINKER FRIENDSHIP AWARD will be accorded to a colleague who in one way or another contributed in the advancement of fellow webmasters,  specially those who have bestowed awards,  badges,   and gifts to “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” website.   Applications may also be considered.

A link to : 
http://www.freewebs.com/alvier  and an email to :  maeca_mvcc@yahoo.com  about voluntary acceptance of these awards is respectfully requested for record purposes and immediate inclusion in the Recipients' Roster.

Award Graphics

Designed by
Lupércio Mundim of Brazil.   The Thinker Award (Format : Jpeg;  Size : 6.88 Kb;  Width : 100 pixels;  Height : 140 pixels)  and  The Thinker Friendship Award (Format : Jpeg;  Size : 7.14 Kb;  Width : 100 pixels;  Height : 140 pixels).

©opyright Notice
This Award Program is the property of
Alberto Alcala.   As much as possible all submissions and graphics belonging to other parties are credited.  Only those who were bestowed with the THINKER AWARDS via email and listed in the award program's Recipients Rosters are morally authorized to display them in their websites.   "Please do not cheat by stealing these awards."

Alberto Alcala
of the Philippines,  a civil engineer by profession;  and proprietor of a home-based computer shop and a very small store.   Apart from being a philatelist,  he enjoys gardening.   A webmaster since 2006, and proud to create and manage the multi-awarded site “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” and 4 other informative websites.


Send an application via email to maeca_mvcc@yahoo.com  by citing your full name,  email address,  and URL.

With due diligence and utmost fairness,  the evaluator shall process all applications within one (1) week.   Winners will be notified and awarded via email.   Re-application will be reconsidered after one (1) month of the failed application.

Privacy Statement
Here at the THINKER AWARDS!  the webmaster respect the privacy of each and every one of the visitors and award applicants.   As much as possible,  it is his policy to ensure that all personal information remains private and secure.

Ethics Program 

Award Indices
002  Zwerge aus Leuna  
003  Caribu Klabber  
004  Howards-Place.com   
005  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II   
006  St. Joseph Shop
 007  Christine's Kingdom

001  Lupércio Mundim   Lupe's Portal
002  Topher   Topher's Castle A Great Site
003  Ulrich Leive  
        The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself
004  Adam Brockie   Adam's Web  
005  Sam   Samsworld  
006  Peter Richter   Zwerge aus Leuna  
Howard Kopelic   Howards Place.com  
008  Caribu   Caribu Klabber  
009  Todd Eagle   Simba`s Pride Of Big Cats =^..^=

In my humble and unsolicited opinion,  webmasters endeavor to apply and receive awards in various passions.   In the same way,  rated and independent award programs have different criteria in granting awards.   Whether one had to meet some requirements or simply pick it as a gift,  it remains to be an award.   Of course awards with criteria will be more valuable than those falling in the give-me award category.  To some extent,  a number of friendship awards and other special awards may still be considered as legitimate awards on the context that some award programs only labeled them that way but given not only as tokens but also as awards.   Hence,  proper acknowledgement and taking it appropriately are the things that will make an award really authentic.   Likewise,  the good intent and other ethical circumstances may also contribute to the genuineness of an award.   The bottom line would always be that a stolen award would always be a Fake Award.   With due respect to all stakeholders,  there is no fake award,  the method one use in taking it makes an award fake.   While I fully support other webmasters initiative against Fake Awards,  I do have a more liberal point of view regarding this matter.   Ultimately,  let us make the seeking and sharing of awards a cordial and enjoyable opportunity among webmasters  ~  Alberto Alcala.