Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The 5 - frames QE II Philatelic Exhibit of Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala of the Philippines

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Gadzillion Award WINNER

Sunday,   August 10, 2008   11:02 PM

Congratulations!   I enjoyed visiting your site.   It is truly a plus for the Internet and consequently I would like to reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet.  The award (rated 3.5 by Award Sites!) is attached to this email or you can download it at …  I will be adding a link to your site on the Gadzillion Winners Page soon.  Take Care and Keep Thinking,

Don Fowler

A Gadzillion Things To Think About


AwardSites Level 3.5



The Seal of Excellence

Our Seal of Excellence can be downloaded by anyone and added to any web site that you think is worth visiting.   Please download any of the following icons indicating the "seal of excellence" to let others know that you have worked hard to design and develop your web site service and/or information. These crests validate to others that your web site is well worth visiting and is considered to be outstanding in its presentation. Our icons/seals are trademarked but may be taken freely and used wherever appropriate provided a return link is placed. 




Majon’s International




Your web-site has been reviewed,  excellent graphics and layout.   Your site qualifies for Canada Graphics 

Congratulations on a job well done.



Redirected to the award page upon submission of application,



Apply for Our Awards!

June 9, 2005 - This site is fairly obsolete,  so we no longer take applications.   If your site complies with our requirements, simply help yourself to whatever awards 






Chameleon's Eye Award

Friday,   August 15, 2008   12:59 AM

Dear Alberto Alcala

Thank you for your interest in the "Chameleon's Eye Award".   I have reviewed your site and I am pleased to announce your score has earned your site the Silver Chameleon's Eye Award. It is so nice to see a youth dedicate herself to a hobby and excel at it.   The website looks great and the accomplishments of your daughter are outstanding.   While it is not required that you link it to my website … it is appreciated.   It is required that you display the award in an appropriate manner,  preferably on a separate awards page.  I have attached your customized award for you to place on your website.  When you have added it send me a the URL so I can add it to the list of winners.

David Pickering


AwardSites Level 3.5

Diskus Level 3

FRI Level 3
AWARD Level 3.5
WebsAward Level 1



You are invited to take and use the Blue Jay Web Award for yourself.




You are invited to take and use the Dead Horse Web Award for yourself.




 You are invited to take and use the Powerful Programmer Web Award for yourself.   Just right click on the award you want to download it to your computer.   We ask that you please link the award to this page.




Even a man who is pure at heart and says his prayers at night can become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.







Sunday,   August 24, 2008   1:17 AM

Attached to this email is our Merit Award.   A copy of the evaluation in Microsoft Excel format which reflects how your site was scored is attached.

A written laudation is on the evaluation form if you wish to use it …  Please place the award on your award page and if you choose, you can link it back to …  Please do not alter this award or optimize it.  Please confirm via email that you have received this email notification.  Thank you very much for applying for our award and giving us the honor of evaluating your site. 

Laudation :   Nicely designed site about a young woman's stamp collection devoted to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Good use of white space,  text size,  and graphics.

Susan MacArthur


Pelaqita Persians Award Program

AS! 3.5

APIRS Level 4

APRPA Level 4

ATC Level 4

AWARD Level 4.0

B.E.I 8.5

Diskus Level 4

F.R.I. Level 4

UWSAG Level 4.0

WA Level 4






The Longfellow’s




Re : Shamrock Award

Saturday,   September 6, 2008   4:07 PM

Please link to …

Thank you




Web Masters Ink Web Site Awards

Here are the awards graphics that you can place on your Web Site …


Web Masters Ink




Wednesday,   September 10, 2008   6:30 PM


Here´s the award for your very nice and interesting Homepage.


Bent Bay

The Beat Post International


The Stines Award

Thursday,   September 11, 2008   12:15 AM

We have visited your homepage and enjoyed our time there very much.   Please accept our award for your wonderful site.    Also please link it back …   You can get the award at …   I am putting a link to your homepage
...   Please post the award and link within a reasonable amount of time.   If there are any problems or questions please e-mail us …

The Stines Home


All web sites exhibit much thought,  hard work and a learned understanding of site design and implementation.  Those efforts and the results, free for anyone to appreciate,  deserve to be recognized.   Therefore,  we offer two levels of recognition for your website.   Our Gold Star Web Award can be downloaded by anyone and added to any worth while site.

Profit Source Publishing


TheButterflySite.com AWARD!

Wednesday,   September 17, 2008   12:27 AM


Thanks for applying for our award!  We have visited your website http://www.freewebs.com/alvier  and really appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit.  CONGRATULATIONS, we are pleased to give you the link to receive our award ! Visit … for instructions.   Let us know when it is added, so we can add your site to our "Award Winning Sites" category.     We liked your site enough to give you an award from our store as well - you can visit … to pick it up !



Congratulations on Winning the Nature-Gifts.com Award!

Nature Gift Store Homepage


Congratulations on winning TheButterflySite.com award




Saturday,   November 8, 2008   2:13 AM

Hello Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH II,   You have been nominated for the 'GOLD CROWN' by Alberto Z. Alcala.   The 'GOLD CROWN' is presented to sites that contain NO pornography, NO hate material, NO racial slurs, NO foul language and generally have good content and design for ALL family members to enjoy.   My review of your site made it easy for me to award the GOLD CROWN.   You have obviously put a lot of thought and work into the design and in maintaining your pages.   A link to your site has been added to the top of our 'GOLD CROWN AWARD' Recipients for 2008.   When you display this award, (wherever you wish) please link it back to our home.


Senior Constable Roland Haley (retired)

Ontario Provincial Police

Roland Haley’s Place

Award of Excellence

The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

Award Sites! 3.0

The Awards Awards


Tuesday,   April 28, 2009   11:40 PM

Thank you for submitting for the 2009 Gold Award. We enjoyed reviewing your website.   We are presenting you with the Bronze Award … Your site is listed on our award page with a link.   Thank you from the NEOVIZION, Inc. review department.



Form Response for K_aubertin@hotmail.com

Thursday, April 30, 2009 3:07 AM


Excellent Site .... Let me know when you have the award on your homepage, so I can add you to my winners list.


Karen’s Place

Would you like to win my award?

Well, we are now on the honor system.   If you think you REALLY deserve it, it is yours for the taking. Otherwise...   Don't touch! Good luck and be honest...

Kent D. Oldman


It is with great pleasure I would like to offer an award to you,   if you would like one!   The most important rule is your site must be "Family friendly!"

Penny’s Place

World Web Award of Excellence Official Results

Tuesday,   May 5, 2009   1:58 AM

"World Web Award of Excellence"

Official results regarding your web site.   Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for creativity,  overall design and appearance, service you provide,  purpose for your site, and ease of navigation.   Keep up the good work.   Please place the award image below on your site and link it.   You have obviously worked very hard investing your time, and skills into making a great web site.

Wishing you continued success,

Art Space 2000.com Awards Department

Art Space 2000


If you want my awards, right click and save them to your files.   Just remember to link back to my page … Your site must be kid friendly.

Joan and Rich's Corner

* Congratulations!! *

If you would like one of my awards & your site doesn't contain anything x-rated, please get the one you like.   I am not able to be online much,  because of illness. Thanks:) Please Transload them to your own directory.   Please link the award back to the addy below.


Re : Request for Award?

Sunday,   May 17,  2009   9:39 AM


Thank you for inviting me to view your site, and I'm sorry it took me so long to do it.  Your award is attached.  You have a great site and it's very interesting.  Good luck, and keep up the great work!

Piano Lady Nancy



Monday,   May 25, 2009   3:17 AM

… I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much and I am happy to give you my award.   I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work.   You do not have to link back,   but it would be appreciated.


The Game Puppet

Award Sites! 3.5

Mona Lisa Select Site Award August 2OO8 Winners

The site is informative and a product of creativity and hardwork

Newton’s Castle

Award Sites! 3.0

RE: POLICE GUIDE Award for excellence

Saturday,   July 25,  2009   12:51 AM

Your web site and has been reviewed and approved.    Please link this award …   Thanks,


Jim Casey


Rudolfs Wanderaward in Gold

Thursday,   August 6, 2009   12:24 AM


ich bedanke mich für die Bewerbung um Rudolfs Wander- Award.Mittlerweile habe ich die Site www.freewebs.com/alvier mehrfach unter die Lupe genommen und bin zu folgendem Ergebnis gekommen :

Mögliche Punktzahl / Erreichte Punktzahl

Der erste Eindruck : 5 Punkte /  4 Punkte ;

Design : 15 Punkte / 14 Punkte ;

Ladezeit : 10 Punkte /  8 Punkte ;

Navigation : 10 Punkte /  8 Punkte ;

Übersichtlichkeit : 5 Punkte /  5 Punkte ;

Inhalt : 15 Punkte / 14 Punkte ;

Links : 10 Punkte /   8 Punkte ;

Rechtschreibung : 5 Punkte /  5 Punkte ;

Specials : 10 Punkte /  8 Punkte ;

Update-Info : 5 Punkte /  5 Punkte ;

Persönlicher Eindruck : 10 Punkte /  9 Punkte ;

Gesamt 88 Punkte

Gold 85 - 100 Punkte ; Silber 70 - 84 Punkte ; Bronze 51 - 69 Punkte

Die Homepage hat den Gold-Award erreicht.

Weiterhin viel Erfolg.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Rudolfs Wander-Award in Gold.

Viel Spass mit dem Award wünscht

Rudolf Esterer

Award Sites! 3.1



Monday,   September 7, 2009   5:20 PM


Please accept this award for you wonderful web site.

Janine Daniel

Spinny's Creations

World Web Award of Excellence Official Results

Tuesday,   June 8, 2010   1:25 AM

"World Web Award of Excellence"

Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for creativity, overall design and appearance, service you provide, purpose for your site, and ease of navigation.   Keep up the good work.   Please place the award image below on your site and link it to http://www.artspace2000.com/

You have obviously worked very hard investing your time, and skills into making a great web site.

Wishing you continued success,

Art Space 2000.com Awards Department



Art Space 2000




Monday,   December 24, 2012  12:08 AM

Hello Alberto Z. Alcala

Thank you for visiting our Pleasure Gait Farms web site and thank you for applying for our award.   Your web site is a winner!   We really enjoyed visiting your wonderful site and would be honored if you would accept our award.

Thanks again,


Pleasure Gait Farms



The Academy of Fine Awards



Friendsofancy Award Pick-up

Please pick-up only the award that you won. Link back to friendsofancy using the award received.




Awards 4 U



 Coyote Jo




Again, thank you for registering your page and CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as a "Cool Site of the Nite."


Cool Site of the Nite





Looking for an award?   Sign my guestbook is all you need to apply!











Your Award

"Thank You!"   To those who have provide our community with the following awards,  these are greatly appreciated.   We would like to return the favor by awarding you also.   Pick up your award here.   Click, Copy & Paste.   Please link to …



Clicket's Community






Philatelic Webmasters Organization




Safe For Kids

Availed properly but lost documentations.


Re : Your SafeSurf Rating

01/03/13 at 12:29 PM

Dear Alberto Z. Alcala,

Thank you for using the SafeSurf Rating Standard.

Here is how you rated your content:

The Name of your Web Site is : Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Your Site URL is : http://www.freewebs.com/alvier

Your Email is : maeca_mvcc@yahoo.com

You self-rated as follows:

(SS~~000) RECOMMENDED_AGE -- with a Level of 1. All Ages …

Be sure to e-mail us at rating@safesurf.com to let us know you have marked your site.  The email MUST include:

1. The words, "SafeSurf Rating", in the Subject of the email

2. The Name of your Web Site : Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

3. Your Site URL : http://www.freewebs.com/alvier

4. The rating tag placed on your site: <meta http-equiv="PICS-Label" content='(PICS-1.1 "http://www.classify.org/safesurf/" L gen true for "http://www.freewebs.com/alvier" r (SS~~000 1))' />

Most email programs will provide all this information when you choose REPLY to this email.

You can visit … to download the logo for your rating.

Please also read the End User License Agreement for the SafeSurf Rating System.  The SafeSurf Rating Tag contains trademarked and copyrighted material and remains the property of SafeSurf.  You may use it only in compliance with the SafeSurf End User License Agreement.  Ratings are verified in the order in which they are received.

Thank you for making the Internet a safer place without censorship.

Once you have completed labeling your site, you can apply to have it added to Family Safe search engines for FREE!

To sign up your site to be listed on SurfSafely.com go to … (Note: Site listing on these search engines is free, but the additional services offered are fee based.)

Until later, SafeSurfing to you!



Re : Trust Worthy Website Certification new subscriber!

01/03/13 at 11:25 PM

Trust Worthy

Humanitarian Programs and Campaigns

Wednesday  November 28, 2015   1:15 PM

Central Online



Time Award

Sunday,   November 25, 2015   9:57 PM

Hi Alberto,

It is with great honor and joy that Time Award receives your website "H. M. Queen Elizabeth II" as our honored member, granting to it the badge of nine years online, congratulations!

Put this badge in your website … You can see your website as our member here: http://www.lupe.ws/timeaward/members.htm

Thank you for apply for Time Award!

Kind regards,

Lupércio Mundim

Time Award owner and evaluator


Time Award




Re: PSEP - Application Form

December 10, 2015 at 5:07 AM

Hi Alberto,

The PSEP - Poetic Soul Ethics Program has the great pleasure to accept your site "H. M. Queen Elizabeth II" as our honored member, granting it the badges presented below. Congratulations for the excellent work.  

Please, place in your website, if you wish, one or more of PSEP badges with a link

You can see your website as our member here:

Attention: These are membership badges, not awards.

Thank you for apply for PSEP - Poetic Soul Ethics Program.

Kind regards,

Lupércio Mundim

PSEP owner & evaluator

Poetic Soul Ethics Program



What is a CallingID Verified Badge?

December 10, 2015   

The CallingID Verified Badge is a small button unique to your site that you can place on your site to let visitors know it is safe.

Adding the badge to your site ensures that every time a user visits your site they will automatically see that your site is safe and trustworthy …





Friday,   December 11, 2015   2:15 AM

Thank you for participating in the CyberSpacers Webmasters program.   By taking part and proudly displaying your CyberSpacers Award on your Web Site, you are joining forces with the CyberSpacers Super Cyber Team for a kinder, safer CyberSpace, Information Highway.   We value your input and criticism.   Let us know how we can help make known CyberSpace a better place for everyone.   Don't forget to check out our Comics for additional free content for your Web Sites.


Here are the graphics with the accompanying code to copy and paste into your HTML documents to proudly display your official CyberSpacers Award.

CyberSpacers Super Cyber Team 


Re : Sorrento - Forma di Contatto (2)

Saturday,   January 2, 2016   10:15 PM

Hi Abet,

The Sorrento website has the honor and joy of grant to you its Personality Award, congratulations!   Please put this award in your website, if you wish, with a link ,,, 

You can see you as our winner here:

Thank you for apply for the Personality Award.

Kind regards,

Lupércio Mundim

Personality Award owner

Personality Award



Re: IEP Application Form

Friday,   January 12, 2016   6:09 AM

Hi Abet,

The I.E.P. - International Ethics Program is honored to accept your website "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" as our distinguished member, accept our sincere congratulations.

Please put one or more of these badges in your website with a link to : http://www.award.bz/IEP/

You can see your website as our member here :


Thank you for apply for I.E.P. - International Ethics Program.

Kind regards,

Lupércio "Lupe" Mundim

2 Rating Services, 2 Ethics Programs,

2 Award Indexes, 5 rated Award Programs,

20 Independent Awards and 88 Personal Websites


 International Ethics Program


Time Award

Monday,   January 4, 2016   9:27 AM

Hi Abet,

Here are your new Time Award Badges.

Thank you so much.



Time Award owner

Time Award


Friday,  December 30,  2016   9:00 AM

Freewebs.com is ranked 41,456th in the world (amongst the 30 million domains).   A low-numbered rank means that this website gets lots of visitors. This site is relatively popular among users in the United States.   It gets 28.9% of its traffic from the United States .   This site is estimated to be worth $43795.   This site has an excellent Pagerank (7/10).   It has 6,554 backlinks. Freewebs.com has 71% seo score.


Friday,  December 30,  2016   9:15 AM


Re: Time Award - Application Form

Saturday,   December 31, 2016   9:04 AM

Hi Abet,

It is with great satisfaction that Time Award accepts your nice website "H. M. Queen Elizabeth II" as our member and gives it our eleven years online badge. Congratulations.

Please, put it in your website, if you wish, with a link to: http://www.lupe.ws/timeaward/

You can see your website as our member here: http://www.lupe.ws/timeaward/members.htm

Thank you for apply for Time Award.

Kind regards,

Lupércio Mundim

Time Award Owner & Evaluator

Time Award



Recanto do Mar
Monday,   January 2, 2017   8:00 AM


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