Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The 5 - frames QE II Philatelic Exhibit of Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala of the Philippines

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When I first started my site I used to give everyone who asked me an award.   After that I started doing "site of the month" awards.

Every month I picked 5 sites who won my award.  Every day I got more and more submissions of people who wanted to win an award, more than I could handle,  so I closed it.   Some people still like to have some awards on their site,  so I made these free awards for you :) You can take them by copying the code below onto your website.   Take as many as you want!   Lol










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Re : Apply for my Web Award

Friday,   July 18, 2008   11:06 AM

Hello, Thanks for applying for my web award. I viewed your site and really enjoyed it! I found it to be fast loading, clean, easy to navigate and full of interesting information. Please find attached, my award and link. Thanks again.

Tim Price


Tim's Police Page





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Saturday,   July 19, 2008   1:32 AM

My Pets



Psychic Medium Charles Joseph Sibley Web Site Award

Saturday,   July 19, 2008   4:24 PM

Hi Alberto

I have Enjoyed Visiting your website,  And I am pleased to give you the *Award of Excellence*  For your site and for you making a difference to Peoples lifes. Congratulations.  Have a GREAT day, Go to my site for your code-


Psychic Medium Charles Joseph Sibley



Re: Apply for award (Alberto Z. Alcala)

Sunday,   July 20, 2008   7:50 AM

Hi,  Congratulations on winning my Award. I have found that you have met all my criteria for my Bronze Award of Excellence.   I found your site to be very informative. You have put allot of time into researching about Queen Elizabeth.  I really enjoyed my visit. I hope you keep up all your great work.

Warm Regards,


My Reflections

AS! 3.5

Webs Awards:1


I.W.A.R.A. 5+

Olymp Award Index  2




Re: Award application

Sunday,   July 20, 2008   7:15 PM

Hi Alberto,

We have visited your website and we like to congratulate you with the winning of our precious CuanCats Award!    Your website deserves our Award for sure, you have done a great job. You have made a great Website with lots beautiful photo's of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ! 
You choose for number two, that is an excellent choice and will look absolutely stunning on your website !  Please place the enclosed CuanCats Award on your website and make from the Award a link ... 
  As soon as you have done this please send an e-mail to us. We will take a look how great it is, and also make a link from our website to those who have been awarded with the original Cuan Award (you must have seen this when you filled in the form and clicked on 'Send').  And you are most welcome to visit our website also in the future......... Again our congratulations with the CuanCats Award, Thank you,

Johan and Linda

Ragdoll Cattery the 'Legend of Cuan' Cats



Free award graphics . . .

It’s Wishcraft !!!




Monday,   July 21, 2008   12:22 AM

I have viewed your site recently and found it to be very well presented.  You have obviously spent lots of time on your site, and it show's. It must be a very interesting hobby for you, and you do it very well.  I have pleasure in offering you my "Creative Excellence" award,  and also my "Stunning Site" award.   Thank you for applying for my awards, and you should receive many more.Best wishes from Wales. U.K




Kevins Page




Tuesday,   July 22, 2008   9:31 PM

Hi, thank you again for your interest in our awards programs.  We enjoyed our visit to your site and found it very interesting. I like that you limit your collection to HRH QE 11. When I was a girl my father had an extensive stamp collection ranging over more than 2 dozen large stamp collectors books, the kind without the old fashioned hinges they had back then. Neither myself or my sister knew what happened to it. It would be worth a fortune today. Anyway, you have many good features. I like that you include both privacy and copyright statements, something becoming more and more important. I also liked the fact you have entered your site in some of the family friendly sites, also very important. I have included many more notes on the enclosed assessment sheet. Congratulations on your win.

Purrs  Lin


Award Sites! rated 3.0

UWSAG rated 2+

Websawards rated 1.0

Olymp-award rating 3.0

Eutoda rated 2.0


Hugs R us

Award Sites! rated 3.5

UWSAG rated 2+

Give Yourself An Award

If you did the best you can today, at any thing,  but you could have done a little better but you just didn't feel like it... and they just can't squeeze another ounce out of you.

Wiz Web Site Designs



Re : apply award

Friday,   July 25, 2008   11:32 AM

Hello Alberto Z. Alcala,

Thank you for visiting our Pleasure Gait Farms web site and thank you for applying for our award. Your web site is a winner! We really enjoyed visiting your wonderful site and would be honored if you would accept our award.  To pick up your new award and for further instructions, please visit this page …

Thanks again,


Pleasure Gait Farms



The Academy of Fine Awards 

Pick up your FREE VISIT AWARD at the bottom of this page





Ocean Treat





Ocean Treat 2


Re: Award Application

Saturday,   July 26, 2008   2:28 AM

Hi there,  I am happy to give you my Silver medal for your wonderful site. I only ask that you link it back to me ...  Please find the award enclosed and have a wonderful day,

~ Kathy

A Place In The Sun

You won my award !

Sunday,   July 27, 2008   6:45 AM


You won my Bronze Award!  Congratulations!  You have a very nice site. keep up the great work.  I am sending the award attached.

Have a nice day.

Jassy Tataguassu – Brasil

Jassy Award Program

ABAM 5.0


Alice Pandora Rating 5.0

BEI 8.0

FRI 4.0


Tuesday,   July 29, 2008   7:36 AM

Congrats and here ya go !  Sorry it took so long to take a long.  Please link the award back to my page if you don't care.



Jeffrey’s TAZ-MAN-IAS  Page


I have good news and bad news !   The bad news first, for me anyway.   I no longer have the time or energy to run my award's program.  The good news is, you may help yourselves to the awards. This is a test of your honesty.  If you think you have a great site, help yourself to any one of my awards. I ask that you take just two and if you think you have a gold award winning site, you may take the gold. Be honest with me please ok ? I don't want my awards spread around like confetti.   In return, I ask that you please link them back to my site.   My Special Gold Award at the bottom of the page is for sites with that little bit extra and you don't have to be a Design Artist to win it.  Your site just has to have something special about it. please don't put it on a crappy site.




Wednesday, July 30, 2008 9:58 AM

Congratulation,  you win the NATAYADA™ web award you got the silver, your site will added to the winners list. Link me …


Carpe Diem Award – Congratulations !

Thursday,   July 31, 2008   11:37 AM

Hello Alberto !

It is a great pleasure to announce that your site has been successfully evaluated.   Please, link too.   Congratulations!

Best regards from


Carpe Diem Award Program”



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Kit Awards – Congratulations !

Friday, August 1, 2008 10:09 PM


It is a great pleasure to announce that your site has been successfully evaluated.  Laudatio :  I appreciate the invitation to visit the site. After long visits, I am pleased to announce that the evaluation was completed successfully. The site has good designer, easy navigation. It shows the hard work of the webmaster. Congratulations. Receive Kit Awards - Cum Laude! Please, link to … Congratulations !

Best regards from


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Saturday,   August 2, 2008   8:47 AM

Congratulations !   On your win for the Fantasy Fights Crown Web Awards for 2008.  The Fantasy Fights Crown Web Awards is a Free service and is presented to those sites whose web design; originality and content have achieved the highest levels of excellence.

Each year someone/ you must resubmit your site in order to win each year  award.  All 2008 awards will be removed and ready for the 2009 winners so be sure to sign up each year. You have picked the male award for your site and you may pick your award up at …

Please be sure to save the award to your hard drive and upload it to your site.  Please do not direct link the award from the server; from time to time the name of the award will change and then you will have a blank image.  The Fantasy Fights Crown Web Awards is brought to you by The Fantasy Fights Web Site Competition where the magic began !  Come and find your Fantasy!

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Saturday    July 5, 2008    4:56 PM

And you want to win one of my Awards ?   GREAT,  awards are fun to win. Sorry I do not have the time to view homepages.   But if your web page is family friendly meaning no bad stuff - kid safe.   Just click on Snoopy's Boat to get your Award.   Now on to the Awards !  CONGRATULATIONS   If you are here ! That means you have won one of my awards.  GREAT JOB !  Email : ME.  When you have the award on your home page.   Then I will add you to the winners page.   Then  I  will  add  you  to  the  winners  page.   AGAIN  CONGRATULATION!



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