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AWARDS 001 - 050

Official Results World Web Award of Excellence

Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for  web site design,  creativity,  and ease of navigation.   Keep up the good work.   You have obviously worked very hard investing your time,  and skills into making a great web site.


Art Space 2000 Awards Department


Art Space 2000



Golden WebPage Award of Excellence

Saturday,   June 7, 2008   5:57 PM

Congratulation for creating an award winning WebSite.   I visited your WebSite and found it to be outstanding in appearance and in content.   Your effort to improve the wonder of the Internet is clearly reflected on each page. Please continue to move ahead with your talents. Please accept the attached Golden WebPage Award ... May God bless you and your...


George P. Crofton,  MSgt. USAF Retired



Golden WebPage



Official Results World Web Award of Excellence

Saturday,   June 21, 2008   12:46 AM

Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for  web site design, creativity,  and ease of navigation.   Keep up the good work.   You have obviously worked very hard investing your time,  and skills into making a great web site.

Art Space 2000 Awards Department

Art Space 2000



"Here is My Award"

Wednesday   June 25  2008   03:28:58 am

I love to give my Award to (almost) EVERYONE that has put effort into created a website. I know a lot of time and heart-felt energy is placed into creating a website.   You are welcome to go ahead and take my Award, but I have a few stipulations :

1.  Sign my guestbook and let me know that you have placed my Award on your webpage.   Provide the URL of your webpage,  so that I can visit it! Thereafter,  I will leave a comment in your guestbook to let you know that I saw your webpage.   If I do not get back with you right away ... don't worry.   I'm quite busy being a housewife, mother, and Nanna, so I read my guestbook entries once every month or two.

2. DO NOT put my Award on any adult-oriented (sexual), racists, violent, or religiously offensive websites.

3. DO NOT put my Award on commercial websites

Annie's Web Treasure Box



Re : Award application

Tuesday,   July 1, 2008   2:00 AM

Hi,  it is obvious that you have spent a lot of time and work making your web site both informative and a pleasure to view.   I found it to be very interesting, a site that would make you want to come back again.   The easy-on-the-eye design made my visit enjoyable.   I have attached a Cool Site Award.   Congratulations on a job well done.

C. NightOwl



Night Owl's




“Win My Award”

Thursday   July 3, 2008   2:53:27 AM

If you would like to receive one of my awards to display on your web site please sign my guestbook below,  letting me know which award you would like.   The only thing I ask in return is that you link the award back to my web site.  






Val's Kingdom




“Win My Award”

Friday   July 4, 2008   9:00:00 AM

If you would like to receive one of my awards to display on your web site please sign my guestbook below, letting me know which award you would like.   The only thing I ask in return is that you link the award back to my web site.  





Val's Kingdom




The Awards Are Here At Camp Snoopy !

Saturday   July 5, 2008   4:56 pm

And you want to win one of my Awards?   GREAT,  awards are fun to win.   Sorry I do not have the time to view homepages.   But if your web page is family friendly meaning no bad stuff - kid safe.   Just click on Snoopy's Boat to get your Award.   Now on to the Awards !  CONGRATULATIONS   If you are here ! That means you have won one of my awards.  GREAT JOB !  Email : ME.  When you have the award on your home page.   Then I will add you to the winners page.   Then  I  will  add  you  to  the  winners  page.   AGAIN  CONGRATULATION !

Judy's Holiday Homepage



Re: Venus' Romance Award of Excellence

Saturday,   July 5, 2008   9:32 PM

Well I checked out your website and its excellent the problem is I had formatted my computer and I lost all my files along time ago LOL I could not send it if I wanted to,  all my backup cd's my kid got a hold of and destroyed : (but your welcome to download it from my site.   Good luck.





Venus Goddess of Cyberlove



Saturday,   July 5, 2008   9:56 PM

Here you go sweetie just be sure to upload to your own server and link it back to me ...   Thanks for sharing your site with me. Come back and visit me anytime ... Take care ....

Robin Lincecum

Robin's garden



Awards !!

Here is a great site to apply for awards for your page.   Pick out one of my Awards for your page.

Janet's place

Re : Application for SPIDER AWARD

Saturday,   July 5, 2008   10:15 PM

Hi,  Congratulations with the Silver Spider Award.   Thanks for this wonderful contribution to our internet community, which helps make the web more informative as well as more fun.   I really enjoyed my visit to your site.   My award can not be downloaded from my pages,  they are emailed to you as an attachment.  Please link the award back to me  http://anti-spinnen.wolweb.nl   Would you let me know where I can see the award?

Warm regards




You may pick an award

Janet's place

You have Won !!

Sunday  July 6, 2008    6:22 PM

Due to Overwhelming interest in My Award and Lack of time to inspect the sites I have decided just to give it away. So you have WON!!! Congratulations. I normally gave it to everyone anyway. Use the source code at the bottom or download the award BUT PLEASE LINK BACK TO ME !!

Bryans Homepage



Re : Aanvragen WAWO award

Tuesday,   July 8, 2008   5:14 AM

Proficiat! Je bent verkozen tot een awaardige site.   Dat betekent dat je met recht en reden de volgende html-code op je site mag plaatsen.

Dit is de code : …

Veel succes nog met je site !





That is the award

Thursday,   July 10, 2008   9:30 AM

Please copy the award to your own server before placing it on your home page.   We would greatly appreciate if you placed a link around it back to us,  but it's not necessary.  Enjoy !


Cool Site



Get Your Award

Saturday,   July 12, 2008   6:00 PM

If you are a webmaster, you too may be eligible receive an Award if you put in a good amount of effort and time into your webpage.   To receive one of the above awards you need to have a web page and have spent/spend a good amount of time and effort working on it (Please, no obscene sites).




Saturday,   July 12, 2008   10:42 PM

We appreciate you applying for one of our esteemed awards.  Your site is most deserving and I am pleased to attach our Webmaster Excellence Award for inclusion in your Award Winners section.   Keep up the great work.  You are an asset to the internet community.


Lynne Miller

Sixty Plus Design

The “Very Unique Award”

If you feel that you or someone you love deserves one of these awards, mail your nomination to us!   If you add an award to your page,  we only ask a couple of things:

Copy the award image on your own server.  To merely make a link to any of these images would be bandwidth stealing, and people who do that suck.

Make the image link back to this page.

End of the Line

Here is your "Geography World" Cool Site Award !

To claim your "Geography World Cool Site Award" you must download the graphic to your files.  You can do this by right clicking your mouse and saving the picture.  I do ask in return that you please link the award to Geography World ...   You can do this by typing or copying the following command into your html commands ...  Replace award.gif with the .gif of the award you have selected.  Thank you,

B. Bowerman




Re : Apply For One Of Your Awards

Monday,   July 14, 2008  12:38 AM

Hi :-)

Thank you so much for applying for one of my awards, I would be honored if you would accept it for your site.  If you don't  mind, please link the award back … Thanks !!

Peace, Health & Happiness Always :-)


Backgrounds by Marie


The Bulldust Award

Here is the award that YOU can download and present to somebody.

Eddy's World

Congratulations! You've Won My Award

Wednesday,   July 16, 2008   3:01 PM

Congratulations!  This is to inform you that you have won an award from "Beth's Pages."  You have a wonderful site, and I can tell you've spent a lot of time and effort on it.  Keep up the great work !  Please accept my Merit award,  and thank you so much for applying.  It is not required, but would be appreciated if you could link the award back to my site ... The award is attached to this email.  I would appreciate it if you could let me know when the award is posted to your site.  You will be listed in my Winner's Circle soon ... and you can see it here :



Beth Creason

Beth's Pages (Lady of Mystery)

AwardSites 3.5


You won my award - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Wednesday,   July 16, 2008   7:53 PM

Greetings from Brazil.  Thank you for applying to my award program.  I have visited your site and enjoyed very much.   I am sending you my Merit Award.   Congratulations for your work.  Please,  reply this message with the url where the award is placed,  then I will add you to my winner list.   Don't forget to link the award to my website.



ABAM 5.0

A.W.A.R.D 4.5

APRPA  5.0

Award sites 3.0

U.W.S.A.G. 2.0

B.E.I. 7.5

P.H.A.I.  3.0

F.R.I.  4.0

ATC  3.0

Wsaptronic 2.0

Diskus 2.0

Re : Win one of my Awards

Friday,   July 18, 2008   12:35 AM

Dear friend

I like your website very much and you deserve an Award from me. Keep up the good work    Please link the awards back to me.

God bless




Claudias Toy Poodles

The Awards Awards




CONGRATULATION!   Award winner,  Save your award to your hard drive, upload it to your site and link back to our main page ...  Feel free to re-size and optimize your award if you like.   We will periodically check back on your website, if you no longer display our award with an ACTIVE LINK back, your Website / link will be removed from our winners list.   Once you have added the award to your web site and have it linked back to us, dont forget to make sure that you email us to let us know where you have placed your award in order to be added to our awards winners link list!

Please select your web site award.



Lights of the Web Award


Award Site! Level 3.0

The Awards Awards



Friday,   July 18, 2008   11:25 PM

New rules for My Award ... If you think you deserve one of my awards .... well just go ahead and take it. If you would like to link back to my page then go right ahead.   Just please make sure if you take the award that your site is in good taste.   I would hate to have my award on some trashy site.   Ok got it ? Then go for it !!!




Pick Your Award!

What You Need To Do:

choose which award you would like

copy the html code...to post it on your site..be sure to change all of the [ ] 's to < > 's

THANKS GUYS!! -- We love seeing all the great 'N Sync sites!



~*~here is the infamous,

"Justin's JRT Necklace" award...~*~ 




~*~or maybe you would prefer

"Joey's Superman Necklace" award...~*~



~*~The wonderous

"Kissy Face" award...~*~



 ~*~Wow..look...it's the







These Website Awards are free to everyone who links them back to my website.










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